How do you keep your home safe from intruders? If an invader makes it past the guards at the gate, can they bypass the front door? Remember, burglars can avoid the standard spring-loaded using all types of sharp objects, including screws, wire, crowbars, or even knives. In that case, you would want a deadbolt with a unique locking technology that makes it almost nigh impossible for anyone to open without using the key. A deadbolt lock will serve you well and protect your valuables from home invasions this summer. Even so, it will help if you use this bolt alongside other security measures for guaranteed safety always.

 How do you go about the installation process? Is it something you can do, or it requires a professional? Of course, you can complete the project with a simple DIY solution, but you can also click to talk to the experts who can get the job done in minutes, not days. Besides giving relatively affordable rates, we use modern, safe tools for the technician and the homeowners. Here is the installation process:

 • What Tools Do You Need for DIY?

 Do you have some carpentry skills? Can you operate the tools needed without injuring yourself or endangering the lives of the people around you? If so, you can proceed ahead to install the deadbolt using a DIY solution. Some of the tools needed for a standard installation job include drill bits, driver bits, a hole saw, and a wood chisel. You might also require a drill and space bits if you’re dealing with large-sized ones. 

 • Look at the Manufacture’s Template

 Nearly all deadbolt manufacturers will include an instruction guide in the packaging to help you install the bolt. Thus, it will help if you avoid products that don’t come with manual principles. The template will contain instructions on installing the bolt-on different door types, including thickness. In addition, you’ll see the dimensions and all the reference points for quick marking with an awl. If the template misses these instructions, call us on (904) 467-4484 for prompt assistance. 

 • Drill the Holes

 The next stage involves drilling holes to fit the bolt. You’ll need to drill the holes according to the markings indicated on the manufacturer’s template. Kindly note that drilling the central hole from both sides sounds like a good plan to prevent splinters. You’ll also need to drill a sizeable gap on the door’s edge for the bolt. 

 • Mortise the Faceplate 

 Take your bolt and dry-fit it around the drilled holes. Next, you can use a pencil to mark the edges of the faceplate. Don’t estimate with your eyes because you can end up installing it the wrong way. Next, take a chisel and mortise the fireplace to make it flush with the door. Please note that you may also need a smaller chisel to mortise the faceplate’s corners and edges. 

 • Secure the Bolt Before Installing

 Mortise until you see the faceplate can fit properly. Drill pilot holes to secure the bolt using the manufacturer’s screws. After that, you’ll put the cylinder and thumb lever in place before aligning the mounting holes with the screw holes. 

Call Us for One-Time Installation

 Installing a new deadbolt lock can be pretty daunting since it is something that you don’t do daily. Save time and resources by letting the professionals do their job. Moreover, a simple mistake such as loose screws can cost you in the future. You don’t want to be a victim of burglary simply because you didn’t install the bolt properly. Call our team on (904) 467-4484 to install your bolt on the same day. You can also click to find out more about our rates in Jacksonville, Florida.